Inauguration first cooking school Buen Apetito

The work of ICCO in South America started with an educational project in El Alto, and today we were back for the inauguration of the first cooking school of the project Manq’a / Buen Apetito.  The project involves the entire food chain; it trains youth in vulnerable and risk situations in El Alto to become a chef and to promote the traditional cuisine, leading to a healthier lifestyle and an increase in the demand for locally produced food.  The income of the farmers will increase, and the young chefs will have better job-perspectives. With help of the Nationale Postcode Loterij (Dutch Lotery Funds), ICCO could invest 1.5 million euros in the project, to enable 10 out of 14 cooking schools to train 3.000 young chefs between 16 and 28 in El Alto.

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Transparancy and communication in international development.

Transparancy, short lines and communication are so important in international development. Besides that governments, (institutional) donors, and civil society would like inside in our expenditures, they are also interested, want to be involved and are eager to learn about the project with its socio-, economic-, political and cultural background.

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Support for civil society in Brazil is essential.

As one of the countries with the strongest economic growth, Brazil has not been considered a developing country for some time now. So it is but logical for the Netherlands and the rest of the EU to no longer give assistance to Brazil, isn’t it? However, land rights activist Adriana Ramos says that Brazilian civil society desperately needs international support to counterbalance the power of the corporations. There is an imminent degradation of environmental laws, labor conditions and rights of indigenous peoples. ‘Brazil is portrayed as an adult democracy, but the private sector does exactly as it likes.’

In response to the announced strategic partnerships, Marinus Verweij (ICCO director) has already shared his concern about the final stop on financing for projects in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and South-Africa. ‘Precisely in the field of advocacy and lobby, there is a lot to gain in those countries if you look at the emancipation of civil society’, points out Verweij.

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#Vuela Libre se moviliza contra el comercio sexual de niños y niñas.

Es un movimiento de la sociedad civil que impulsa acciones de reflexión e información de la norma vigente que castiga por igual a clientes y proxenetas

El Movimiento Vuela Libre se presentó en Bolivia con el fin de promover acciones de movilización social en defensa de la dignidad y los derechos fundamentales de los niños, niñas y adolescentes que son violentados a diario por personas que compran sus cuerpos para satisfacer deseos sexuales en contra del mandato de la Ley Integral de Trata y Tráfico de Personas 263, vigente desde el 2012.

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